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This online application is meant for prospective students who are interested in attending classes at the UG Berbice Campus - 2024/2025: Semester 1 (Regular).

Application Session: UG Berbice Campus - 2024/2025: Semester 1 (Regular) opening period: February 5th, 2024 to August 31st, 2024:

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry: Bachelor of Science (Agriculture) (1201)
Faculty of Education and Humanities: Associate of Arts (English) (0251), Associate of Arts (Spanish) [from 2024-2025] (0256), Bachelor of Education (Administration) [from 2020] (3203B), Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) [from 2020] (3201B), Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) [from 2020] (3202B), Bachelor of Education (Secondary) [from 2020] (3204B), Certificate in Spanish (0235)
Faculty of Natural Sciences: Associate of Science (Biology) (7104), Associate of Science (Chemistry) [from 2024] (7103A), Associate of Science (Computer Science) (7101), Associate of Science (Mathematics) (7105A), Associate of Science (Physics) (7106A), Bachelor of Science (Biology) (7205)
Faculty of Social Sciences: Associate of Social Science (Social Work) (8104), Bachelor of Social Science (Public Management) (0837), Bachelor of Social Science (Social Work) (8208), Diploma in Communication Studies (0807), Diploma in Public Management (0806)
School of Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation: Bachelor of Science (Accountancy) (10201), Bachelor of Science (Entrepreneurship) (10203), Bachelor of Science (Finance) (10202), Bachelor of Science (Management) (10204), Bachelor of Science (Marketing) (10205), Bachelor of Science (Supply Chain Management) (10207), Bachelor of Science (Tourism Management) (10206), Diploma in Accountancy (0801), Diploma in Banking and Finance (0802), Diploma in Marketing (0803)
College of Medical Sciences: Bachelor of Science (Medical Laboratory Science) (5201), Bachelor of Science (Environmental Health) (Occupational and Health and Safety) [from 2021] (5203C), Bachelor of Science (Nursing) (5204)

Dear Prospective Student:

First and foremost thank you for considering the University of Guyana as your tertiary Institution of choice as you chart a course for your academic development.

Providing that you would have successfully created an Applicant login and would have submitted the online application for your programme (s) or course (s) of choice; we are kindly requesting that you print and sign your Certificate of Declaration form and then upload the following scanned certified/notarised documents to your online application:
  1. Signed Certificate of Declaration form
  2. Academic qualifications
  3. Birth certificate / passport
  4. Marriage Certificate (optional)
  5. Passport size picture
Please note that all documents can be certified or notarised (signed and stamped) by any person in the categories below:
  1. Justice of Peace
  2. Commissioner of Oaths
  3. Minister of Religion
  4. Senior Public Servants
  5. Head Teachers
  6. Medical Doctors
  7. Police Officer
Failure to upload certified/notarised copies of your documents may affect your admission to the University.

If you encounter any difficulties or have any queries with respect to the application process kindly send an email to or call 592-337-2308 between the hours of 8:30am - 4:30pm (Mondays to Fridays).
New Applicant

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Contacting a Registry Assistant on 337-2308 is the last option.